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Continental Cakes

Continental Cakes

Our Bakers bake our famous continental cakes fresh daily. We offer an abundant selection of traditional and modern continental italian cakes, inspiring creations and all your favourites.

Occasion Cakes

Special Occasion Cakes made Fresh daily in store or made to order. We create Beautiful and inspired cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings, Weddings, Baby Showers and all Celebrations.

Gelati Cakes

Gelati Cakes available daily or made specially to order - offering Inspired Flavours including lemon, coffee, rum and raisin, blood orange, watermelon, salted caramel and many more!

Continental Cakes

    Vanilla Slices     French Vanilla Slices     Sicilian Cannoli (Ricotta) (Traditional Italian)     Custard Cannoli     Binnen (Profiteroles)     Chocolate Éclairs     Strawberry Éclairs     Coffee Éclairs     Strawberry Flan     Fruit Flan     Cupcakes     Baba Au Rhum (Traditional Italian)     Mini Peach Cakes (Traditional Italian)     Sfogliatelle     Bomboloni alla nutella (Italian nutella filled donuts)     Apple Turnovers     Macaroon Biscuits     Biscotti (Traditional and Contemporary)     Seasonal Products     And much, much more...

Our Famous Cakes

You will always find freshly baked 9 inch cakes on display - NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY ONLINE and through Uber Eats or Menulog
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Berry Cheesecake

Berry Chilled Cheesecake Topped with Berries and Berry Jelly. Chilled Lemon Flavoured Cheesecake also available.

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $45.00

Jaffa Mud Cake

Chocolate and Orange Flavoured mud cake with a swirl effect Topped with Chocolate Ganache and Orange Shards

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Mars Bar Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud cake with a Caramel Centre Topped with Chocolate Ganache

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Marble Mud Cake

Chocolate and White Chocolate Mud Cake Swirled together to create a marble effect. Topped with Chocolate Ganache and Marble Chocolate Shavings

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich Chocolate flavoured mud cake Topped with Chocolate Ganache

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Continental Cake

Vanilla Flavoured Sponge cake with a liquor syrup and a layer of Vanilla custard and Chocolate custard. Topped with fresh cream chocolate scrolls and cherries (Contains Alcohol)

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Tim Tam Cheesecake

A Chilled Chocolate flavoured cheesecake with Tim Tam pieces mixed through. Topped with Chocolate Ganache and Tim Tam Halves

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $45.00

Toblerone Cheesecake

A Chilled Chocolate flavoured cheesecake with pieces of Toblerone mixed through. Topped with chocolate ganache and toblerone pieces

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $45.00

Black Forest Cake

Layers of Chocolate Sponge cake with layers of Fresh Cream and Cherries. Topped with fresh cream, Chocolate shavings and cherries

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Tiramisu Cake

Layers of Vanilla Sponge cake with layers of coffee liquor cream. Topped with fresh cream and cocoa (Contains Alcohol)

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Cookies & Cream Cake

Chocolate mud cake top and Base filled with chunks of Cookie and Cream inside. Topped with fresh cream and chocolate ganache pour

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $40.00

Baked Cheesecake

Plain baked lemon cheesecake. Dusted with icing sugar

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $45.00

Baked Cheesecake

Berry Baked cheesecake with blueberries inside. Dusted with icing sugar

9" Cake Feeds 10-15 | $45.00

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Special Occassion Cakes

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Gelati Cakes

Homemade Gelati Cakes are available daily in an range of flavours and designs. Or choose your flavour and we can make your Gelati Cake especially to order!

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We have cake albums on display for your perusal. Come in and sit with our bakers and staff and discuss your dream cake. Our bakers love a challenge, so if you have a picture of a cake you’d like created - our bakers always welcome new ideas!
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