Santinas Cakes

Breakfast @ Santinas Cakes

Big Breakfast

Eggs, Bacon, Tomato, Mushrooms, Spinach, 2 Hash browns and Toast


Santinas Breakfast

Try our Santinas Special! Eggs, Bacon, Tomato and a Slice of Toast


Veggie Breakfast

(V) Eggs, Mushrooms, Spinach, Onion, Avocado and a Slice of Toast


Morris’s Breakfast

Eggs, Bacon, Mushrooms, Onion, Spinach and a Slice of Toast


Smashed Avocado

(V) Eggs, w/ smashed Avocado & Fetta on two slices of toast


Omelettes & Pancakes

Classic Omelette

Eggs, Cheese, Ham, Tomato, Mushrooms


Spinach Omelette

(V) Eggs, Cheese, Onion, Mushrooms, Spinach



2 Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries and 2 Scoops of Homemade ice-cream


Pancakes & Nutella

2 Pancakes with Nutella, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Cream and 2 Scoops of Homemade ice-cream


Add an Extra?

Pancake, Strawberries, Ice-cream, Mushroom, Onion, Cheese, Spinach, Tomato, Fetta, Egg, Bacon, Hash Brown, Avocado

$2.00 each

Muffins & More

Muffin - Bacon

English muffin with Egg, Bacon & Cheese


Muffin - Tomato

(V) English muffin with Egg, Cheese & Tomato


Raisin Toast

(V) Slice of Raisin Toast with Butter

$2.50 each

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Croissant with Ham & Cheese - Fresh or Toasted


Egg & Bacon Toastie

Egg & Bacon Toastie (or) DIY Toasties also Available


Breakfast Deals

Toastie Deal

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toasted Sandwich
+ Small Coffee/Tea


Croissant Deal

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Croissant
+ Small Coffee/Tea


Raisin Toast Deal

One slice of Raisin Toast
+ Small Coffee/Tea

$5.00 each

Open 7 Days

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Mon - Thurs 8am-6pm
Fridays 8am-7pm
Saturdays 8am-9pm
Sundays - Closed
Except Private Functions

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Santinas Cakes

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